Guatemala City North Mission

Guatemala City North Mission

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov. 14th, 2011

buenas tardes huecos :)

ok well last week was super fast again. it feels like that when Pday is on Tuesday. but it turns out that I got sick on Thursday, probably the delicious "gringas" here in guat. gringas are pretty much a big quesadilla filled with good meat and then you add your own toppings like lettuce some suaces and then my favorite pineapple. but i chose this seasoned pork meat...not a good choice. me navas and jensen and stone all ate there, haha and me and stone got really bad b.u. and our stomachs were about to explode. so me and him stayed home on Thursday and navas and jensen left to go out and work. it was kinda good though, I got a lot of studying in. but no worries all is well now and im healthy and strong, I think it threw my shot off tho...explain that later.

well on Saturday my comp elded navas had to go to an area called durazno (peach) to do a interview. Usually we don’t do divisions on Saturday but it was the only day this woman could do it and the d.l. couldn’t do it cause he had a baptism. so my comp went over there with them and I did divisions with elder jensen and stone. haha well they have to start over in this area cause they are both new and let me tell’s HARD! all we did was contact and pass by what we thought were investigators, even though they all denied us. It was so good to work with them but to do that every day would be hard.. good thing the Lord knows me so well :)

Well this morning, now that we have 4 good basketball playing gringos in the zone, we started playing some good ball. We played 21 and two on two. It was super fun...except I was SO OFF!!!!!!! even the others were like " dude elder Toolson you suck" yep made me feel real good about my self. By far the worst I have played in my entire mission. I was even missing lay-ups and everything. but then towards the end I started sinking some shots. Then of course every one else came and started playing. lets just say I don’t even like playing basketball when they don’t knows how. other then us 4 the rest just pick up the ball and chuck it from half court and they never dribble and I am horribly scared to go in the center because they hang on you like wild monkeys. so I just stayed out and shot the 3 ball (or at least tried).

I can’t believe this week is the last week of the change! crazy how fast time flies. I love my comp but 6 months is a LONG time :) but we`ll see what the Lord has in store for elder toolson. love you all and don’t be dumb.

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